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Catalyst Biomedicals was established in 2015, with the view to import and distribute high quality brand name medical related products. Our intention, and ongoing commitment, is to provide the industry with the highest possible level of service, whilst simultaneously, contributing to the building of the integrity of the industry. As the Name “Catalyst” refers to the agents facilitating smooth reactions, We offer a bridge between our customers and innovative products across the globe and help patients.

Catalyst Biomedicals has grown steadfastly in becoming not only a first choice, but also a trusted partner and reliable supplier to the increasing list of satisfied clients that we have accrued over the last two years. We attribute our success solely to our long standing client base who took the time to listen and identify with our ability to offer trusted recommendation. It goes without saying that each and every one of our clients is our most valued.



The Vision of Catalyst Biomedicals is to be the best-in-class and the first choice in the communities we serve. We deliver on our vision by striving for excellence every day, and constantly seeking to improve the services we offer.


Our mission is to improve patients lives by delivering innovative products and services at affordable cost that drive quality, efficiency and easy to access in health care.

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